Personal Chef/ In-Home Meal Prep Services:

We are the Ketonian Nerds: Ro and Nick. Not only do we have our online bakery, but we are also personal chefs. If you and your household all follow different diets, it can get cumbersome to feed everyone. Let us help! We cook anything from KETO to not. You are in charge!

How It Works

Email us inquiries and we will send you a questionnaire to find out your dietary needs

We ask for you to pay us a deposit prior to your cook day, which will be applied for buying groceries. Our hourly rates are $50 per hour (both chefs, if you only want one of us, it goes to $25 an hour) + travel, this does not include groceries.

We take over your kitchen to cook and bake in your home after getting all the supplies to ensure freshness. Kitchen will be cleaned and dishes used will be hand-washed.

Storage containers or serving dishes are your responsibility

The best thing we have done to date is the Dine in the Dark Experience. This is a wonderful way to have a unique dinner party for your guests. We did one for Halloween this year, but it can be any theme you would want. Each guest will receive a blindfold. There will be 5 bite size courses and time in between to talk amongst yourselves to figure out just what was in that delectable bite. We can tell you exactly what you ate after all guesses are done or at the end of the meal. This menu was NOT KETO:

The pandemic has thrown everything out of balance. Staying at home can be quite an experience with a dinner party like this. Keto or not, we will come up with an awesome menu to keep your guests talking long after the night is over.

We started this business because hubby stepped down from his job due to COVID-19 (asthma and heart condition, service related). Plus, keto is our passion because it literally saved our lives. Why not help the keto community? Hubby is a disabled veteran from the Air Force, so we would also be bringing his service dog Morty. He tells Nick if a fainting spell is coming and also helps with his PTSD. As a red standard poodle, he is hypo-allergenic meaning there would be no allergies to worry about or shedding.

Let’s stay healthy together.

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