KN (Original): Keto Tuna Melt Mini Pizzas

I’m obsessed that this recipe is a mash-up of a tuna melt AND a mini pizza. I LOVE PIZZA! And being in a low carb lifestyle is actually amazing because there is SO many ways for me to still have pizza 🙂 Are you ready for the recipe?

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KN (Original): “Buckeye” Lip Smackin’ Keto Cheesecake

Beautiful and Delicious

Hi Everyone!

I am making this impromptu blog post on this marvelous Buckeye inspired Keto cheesecake because of the overwhelming interest from the Facebook group post. Thank you in advance, for your support! Here we go:

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KN (Original): Keto Strawberry Dream Cake

The second this recipe was created, I felt like a foodie mastermind LOL

It’s got protein, check. It’s got fat, check. It’s got strawberries, check. It’s got coffee? YEP.

Once I ate it, I knew the taste wouldn’t leave my mind for a while. Now I’m going to change your world:


(For the Bottom Layer)

~* One Protein Mug Bread http://

~* 1/3 cup of strong coffee


It takes 2 minutes to make the Protein Mug Bread. Please refer to the recipe linked above. Break up the Protein Mug Bread in a pan. Brew some strong coffee, the stronger the better. Pour over the bread evenly.


(For Cheese Layer)

~* 8 oz cream cheese

~* 1/2 cup of stevia


Put 8 oz of cream cheese in a microwave safe bowl. Nuke it for 1 minute and a half, or until it softens. Pour 1/2 cup of stevia to it and stir until it dissolves into the cream cheese. Put in a piping bag or a zip lock back (you can clip one of the sides to get a piping bag effect.) Refrigerate until the next layer is finished.


This layer is easy, peasy!! You take about 6-7 strawberries and dice them into tiny pieces so it spreads evenly throughout the cheese layer.


(For the Whipped Cream Layer)

~* 1 cup heavy whipping cream

~* 1/3 cup of stevia


Take your 1 cup of heavy whipping cream and pour it into the mixing bowl. You can either use a hand mixer or what I used. Slowly add the 1/3 cup of stevia and gradually turn up the speed of the mixer to medium high until the hard peaks form.


Your Protein Mug Bread has been soaking in the coffee/whiskey mixture and your cheese layer has been chilling in the fridge. Pipe the cheese on top of the soaked Mug Bread Pieces. Place your diced strawberries on to of the piped cheese mixture. Your whipping cream should be ready. Smother all over the top the top of your delectable creation.

Ok, now here is the recipe again for the visual learners: (shout-out)

Kinda wishing I saved a piece to eat while I’m writing this up…

Anyways, I am your biggest cheerleader! Are you having success with Keto?

Make sure your macros are right and if they are, but the scale won’t budge, remember that there is true healing in being in Ketosis. Perhaps before the number on the scale changes, your body is healing! Be patient and tell yourself it is a journey. Besides, there might even be a whoosh about to happen!!

Keto on, Ketonians.


Ro ❤