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Welcome to the Nerdy Side

These are various sizes for terrain, minis, statues, objective markers. If you play it, we can print it. (Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, Warhammer 40K, etc) Your minis will be proxies. We charge half of what GamesWorkShop charges for their box sets.

The ordering process is:

You tell Nerdy Nick what you want and I go find the files to make it. Smaller, detailed prints are better with my 3D printer because it uses resin. After you decide which one you want, I slice and support the file. We charge on the amount of time or the print as well as the volume of resin used.

Lithophanes are charged the same way, but there is a small file conversion fee. You send us the pictures you want and we will convert it into a night light or it can be a 100mm square window hanging. Soon we will also be able to make lamp shades, stay tuned!

Meet Ooze-Eye. This was a little boy’s creation, his 3D drawing are the ones in color. The grey pictures show his creation in 3D that we converted in order to print. This was my favorite job to do because the joy it brought to him, man, that is what life is all about!! Do your kids draw in 3D paint? We can help.

is there more joy than cuddling with your own creation?

Send any inquiry to

Thank you for joining us on the Nerdy side.

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