About Ro

Hi guys,

Ketonian Nerd, Ro, here. About me…

I got certified thru Dr. Berg to becoming a Keto and Intermittent Fasting Coach. It means the world to have the knowledge to help others. Let me tell you a bit about my past, so it all can circle back to why I became a Coach.

I was a Licensed Massage Therapist for 13 years. Man, feels like a lifetime ago! I really loved helping people with their pain. I was certified in Sports Therapy too, and that was my favorite. Working with athletes was extremely inspiring because they really know how to push their bodies.  Ultimately, I stopped massaging because I was in too much pain inside my own body.

I couldn’t help anyone anymore. I had to help me.

Now I work with my parents in their construction business. My dad is the General Contractor (and designs each project with pristine attention to detail) and mom (bestie) takes care of the financial side of the business (being the right hand woman and supporting dad every step of the way.) I am the secretary and I also do drafting in AutoCAD. Big difference from massaging, right?

I have a brother who is 4 years younger than me and I’m so proud of him! He is an actor in the ensemble of the Broadway Tour of Les Miserables! Check out my Instagram to see my posts on being backstage during his show. Two of the best nights of my life 😀

My home life includes my disabled Air Force Veteran Hubster that I love with every fiber of my being, one very therapeutic and caring black Labrador named Kent, one dachshund/corgi mixed lovable psycho named Pup, a very loud and hilarious sun conure parrot named Apollo, and two adorable fat guineas named Delphi and Artemis. We have a zoo LOL I wouldn’t have it any other way 😉

In addition to that, I am now obsessed with Keto (so much so that I HAD to get certified.) Primarily because of what it has done to my pain levels!!!! I’m hooked to having a good back to support me wherever I want to go. Before, it was all inflammation and plainly holding me back. Also, my anxiety used to cripple me. I would overthink everything!!! It would prevent me from enjoying life.

Now, I just want to advocate for the Keto Community because in this way I can help people with their pain and not even have to touch them!

Advocating means speaking out and though sometimes I consider myself shy, I just believe in living without pain. When I was massaging, my business motto was “Leave Your Pain To Me.” With our Youtube Channel: Ketonian Nerds, we will be documenting our weight loss Ketonian journey and hopefully we can help everyone by sharing it.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, Social Media has really become a big part in my life now. It is amazing to me how inspiring it is for me to see transformation pictures, or reading people’s posts who have weight problems like me. Alone means more comfort seeking behavior… and for me that meant food.

And now we have come full circle. This is why I became certified. I can help you with a Fasting Schedule and also design a keto meal plan especially for you. Let me help you feel as good as I do. Let me be your biggest cheerleader!

We are all connected, guys!

Stay tuned, great things are happening 🙂

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