About Nick

I’m Ketonian Nerd: Nick Mahoney. Currently a keto cheato! Lol I fell off the wagon around Christmas time and haven’t gotten back on yet… but I will!

I’m an Air Force, disabled veteran with a laundry list of injuries, aches and pains. When this keto diet helped my beautiful wifey’s back pain, I figured I’d give it a go! That and her increased energy levels, improved mood, and the food actually tasting good inspired me to try it.

I did great! At first, at least lol. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months. Then Christmas came… I ate a candy cane and then it snowballed from there! While I was on it, I hit ketosis rather quickly and I did have some pain relief and inflammation reduction.

I will return to my ketonian journey soon!!

I love video games, mostly RPGs. But my passion is in table top gaming. I run a 3.5e epic D&D campaign as well as play in 5 others that are 5e! I just recently jumped into warhammer 40k killteam and I am 100% hooked and addicted to it! My Tyranids are an almost unstoppable force!

Stay tuned cause this section will change soon as I drag myself back onto the keto wagon!

Thanks for reading this!

Your bro,

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